I’m all for social media. I earn a living through it. But I’m also a social human being and I have strong opinions about where you should (and shouldn’t) bring your social media. I wish I could say they are gospel truth but they are just my opinions. Consider leaving your social media at home (or at least in your pocket) while in these 3 places.

Your Bedroom (for all you married folks). I’m sure you’ve heard all about the studies that have been done regarding screen time right before we go to bed. Glaring at a bright screen just inches from your face messes with your sleep. But that’s not my angle here.

Do you really need to be “talking” with your vast social network while laying in bed next to your spouse? I’m a big fan of our bed and bedroom being a “no social media zone.” I don’t even keep my phone plugged in at night in our room. It’s far away in the kitchen. It just seems weird to be in the one place in the house that partially exists for intimacy with my husband, and then be interacting with a friend on social media (or texting) while laying next to my husband. It’s as if that person is in the room with me. That’s weird.

Keep your bedroom a place where digital friends and family aren’t allowed.

Your Honeymoon or Vacation. A friend showed me a pic of a girl she knew who had posted several pics of her and her new husband on their honeymoon. I was flabbergasted. Why would you want to bring your friends and family along with you for the honeymoon? Do you really want to spend this special time seeing what your friends think of that pic of the coconut on the beach?

Also girls, heads up, the only people who really care about your honeymoon are your BFFs and your mom. And even they likely don’t want to see very many pictures.

Vacation is a similar “place” so I lumped it in with the honeymoon. I remember going on vacation as a child and my parents never once checked in with friends or family from back home. They didn’t do work on vacation. They didn’t have casual chats with their friends from home. Why? BECAUSE THEY WERE ON VACATION! Also, you used to have to pay extra to make a long distance call. So there was that too.

They also only took pictures on vacation to remember moments-moments that mattered to the people on the vacation. Once they got home I don’t think they showed those pictures to any of their friends. Maybe my Grandparents cared but that’s probably it.

Vacation is a time to get away from the everyday life and sometimes, the everyday relational commitments you have. It’s a time to focus on the people you’re going on vacation with. Delete social media apps from your phone. Have your spouse change the password. (All things I’ve done before.) Be present on your vacation and then after you get home, only show your pictures to the few (your mom and really nice friend) who ask to see your pictures.

Caveat-if you go to a REALLY cool place, post a few quality pics AFTER you get home. Because that is fun for your friends to see.

Your Workout. I’ll keep it short and simple. No one cares that you look ripped in that post-workout selfie. No one cares that you logged 2 miles today. No one even cares that you worked out. Work out for you. Not for the affirmation, you get from telling your digital friends that you worked out. (Full disclosure, I confess I’ve totally done this before.)

What about you? What other places do you think should be a “no social media zone?”