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How to start a bullet journal the simple way

If you’ve been around social media lately, you’ve probably seen people posting about their bullet journal. Some are pictures of beautifully scripted quotes and elaborate calendar arrangments. You are probably wondering what a bullet journal even is or how to start a bullet journal. So what IS it?

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It’s ok to be the mean mom

Guilt infiltrated my thinking today. I felt guilty for working. I felt guilty for not doing ALL THE THINGS our Instagram feeds tell us other “good moms” are doing. I set aside the standards of our house in exchange for approval . . . from a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, and from the non-existent observers that judge me as a “good mom” or “bad mom” based on what I do.

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That time I got cussed out at the grocery store

As a lifelong avoider of conflict at all costs, the stress level in me instantly began to rise. It was clear there was a misunderstanding, and I went out of my comfort zone to apologize to the angry woman and explain that the woman behind me had just moved out of line in order to let me back in.

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Being pro-life is more than a march

Next January, I get to participate in the annual March for Life for the first time ever. As an evangelical Christian who believes that all people are made in the image of God, I am definitely pro-life. This will be a unique experience for me because I've never done...

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Saying good-bye to the little years

As I began reflecting on why I’m sentimental about my son’s 5th birthday, I noticed some things in our house. Or rather, I noticed some things missing from our house that had at one time seemed so permanent.

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Hey! I’m Julie, a 30-something wife and mom. By day I’m a digital marketing strategist working from home.  By night, I’m a mom to 3 hilarious children and wife to my husband of 12 years. Thanks for stopping by. I hope my blog connects with and helps you in some way!