A beginner’s guide to using Facebook Live

Facebook Live is here and I imagine it’s here to stay! While apps like Periscope and Meerkat have been around longer, I truly believe Facebook Live is going to be the live streaming option that many will turn to to connect with their followers in real time.

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How do I set up an editorial calendar for a blog?

When you only sit down to write when you have nothing on your mind, you’ll feel like you have to grasp for something to write about. If you use an editorial calendar, you’re giving yourself some guidance. You are telling yourself what to do and when to do it. You wanted to be your own boss, right? An editorial calendar for your blog is the answer to your blogging inconsistency. Today though, I want to tell you how to actually set one up. First things first!

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4 best blogging tips from the week: 5th edition

Throughout the week, I read various articles and blog posts on social media and blogging. I’ve gathered the best from my weekly reading and am now sharing them with you here so that you can become better at promoting your own blog as you inch closer and closer to your end goal.

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After years working at my day job as a blog and social media manager, I became a blogging coach. I also blog about a variety of things including tech, parenting, and faith. I help women get started on blogging and improve the blog they haven’t been able to get off the ground. I’m a follower of Jesus, wife and mom living the life in Kansas City.

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